How To Be Awesome For Beginners: 10 Things You Need For Mountain Biking

April 7th, 2012  |  Published in Featured, Tech


This is a totally non-sexy reference guide.  I am going to assume you have a bike, and that it is a mountain bike, since we are talking about mountain biking here.  After that, what else do you need?  If you are already awesome, and you know what you need, then you can refer your totally un-awesome friends to the list.

Here is the list:


Kali Helmets for Super D / Enduro

Full-Face and Half Shell helmets offer more or less protection. You will know when you are ready for the Full Face

Get a helmet that fits right and wear it.  Mountain Bike specific helmets tend to have more protection in the front and better coverage in the rear.  That is a good idea.



Osprey Packs for Mountain Biking

Some packs can carry a lot plus an extra Full Face for the descent, some carry a little. They both carry 3L of water. I recommend getting the biggest one that makes sense for you.

Since riding off-road can get bumpy and eject water bottles from their cages, it is a good idea to carry water on your back so you can carry enough and not lose it by getting the bottle shot out of the cages over bumps.  Get one that can carry basic tools and stuff a jacket.



mountain biking gloves

Any of these gloves get the basic job done. All of these gloves are better than no gloves.

Cover your hands.  Most times they are the first things to hit the ground when you crash and hand scrapes are pretty annoying.  Especially if you have to go to work and not bleed all over everything on Monday.  When you start crashing enough to figure out all the different ways you can screw yourself up your idea of what a good glove is will change, but for now any glove is better than no gloves.



mountain bike eye protection

Goggles are great, as are cycling specific glasses. They keep crap out of your eyes and cut glare.

Sunglasses, goggles, whatever.  Stuff will get in your eyes like dirt and bugs and it will annoy the heck out of you, or make you crash.



mountain bike flat repair kit

Every ride should include these three things.

What are you gonna do if you flat? You’re screwed, but not if you have a pump, tube and tire levers.  If you have room in your hydration pack carry two tubes, or more.  Even if you are a smarty pants and you have tubeless tires with sealant, carry these three things.  Some people like CO2 cartridges, but they are stupid and lazy.



mountain bike tool kit

This guy has got you covered

Take all the tools your bike needs.  Normally this means a screw driver, and a size run of allen wrenches.  Ask your local bike shop what tools your bike needs.  You may need to your adjust bars, stem, headset or something.  You may also need to tighten a bolt on a seat post, or suspension linkage.  Out in the woods, it will be nice to be able to fix your bike.



mountain bike undershirt

This is a simple thing that can make a ride very enjoyable on a hot day, or a cold one too.

Invest a few bucks in an undershirt made of technical fabric that wicks the moisture away from your body and keeps you dry.  It will do wonders to help your body’s natural temperature regulation system work effectively.  You will be more comfortable, and you enjoy yourself more because you won’t be all hot and gross, or cold and clammy.



mountain bike knee pads

Knees, Shins, Knee/Shins, Elbows, Forearms, Elbow/Forearms... there are a lot of pads, cover up.

If you are planning to push yourself a little and improve your skills then you will fall.  Having your elbows and knees covered can be the difference between getting up with a better idea of what to try next time and having your day ruined, insomnia, bloody sheets, slow healing bruises and all the annoyances that come with it.  Most of all you could end your ride early and kill the fun.  If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money just wear long sleeves and pants, anything is way better than nothing when you need it.

mountain bike shorts

Either it's all you are comfortable in or you think they make you look like a stupid yahoo.

If you are planning to push yourself a little and improve your skills then you will fall- really.  Baggy shorts tend to slide better, reducing the friction on your skin that would rip it if you were wearing lycra shorts.  If you are used to wearing lycra and can’t ride without it, then do yourself a favor by doubling up with a pair of baggy shorts.  The two layers will slide against each other in a crash and in so doing will help you glide over the ground and actually offer a lot more protection than baggies alone.



mountain bike rides need cell phones

This little guy is your buddy!

If you are on your local trails, chances are you have reception. BRING YOUR CELL PHONE. If you are afraid you will crash and break it, get an OtterBox for it or put it in you pack, or get an OtterBox for it and put it in your pack.  Already you have crashing in your head so that’s the reason to bring it with you- not the reason to leave it behind.  Not only can you call to get help for yourself, you can call to get help for others.  If you are going to be riding where there is not cell reception, DO NOT GO ALONE!.

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